Caring, informed support is especially valuable in these times of isolation and worry.
Let me hold you on your journey towards meeting your little one.
Despite some limits to my physical presence with pregnant, laboring, and birthing families due to current restrictions, I am still providing doula care!
We are so fortunate to live in a time of high speed internet and video chat.
My virtual services are available to anyone within the time zones of the Americas.

My goal is to help you have the birth experience that is right for you. Labor is inherently unpredictable and every birthing person is different; your physical and emotional needs, your baby’s needs, and your birth wishes all contribute to your unique birth journey.

I am offering a pared down version of my Birth Doula Services, without labor support, for families looking for up to date information, help clarifying your birth wishes, tips about comfort measures for labor, and a listening ear. Includes three hours of prenatal support and one postpartum check-in.

People who have just welcomed a new baby into their family need extra support. It is so important for parents to feel cared for and listened to after their baby is born.

Having Grace as a doula for the birth of both our sons was absolutely phenomenal!
I truly believe that it is because of Grace’s support, knowledge, and navigation through the medical system that I was able to have the beautiful births I had hoped for. I can’t imagine going through a labor and delivery experience without her

— Sam S.

More love from past clients