What does a prenatal visit consist of?

Here is a menu of some of the topics which could be covered at a prenatal visit. You get to pick and choose.

  • Getting to know you. What are you proud of? What challenges have you faced and overcome?
  • Your birth philosophy and Birth Wishes. What is your ideal birth? Developing a plan with flexibility built in.
  • Partner’s chosen role during labor and birth.
  • What to expect during labor and birth. What is helpful during early labor. How to encourage labor progress. Practice helpful labor sounds.
  • Movement for labor and delivery. Learn and practice labor support techniques with your partner. Learn about rebozos and the wonders of rebozo sifting.
  • Packing for your hospital stay. Or if you are planning a home-birth preparing for your first week at home with baby.
  • Baby’s movement during labor and birth. How you can work together with your baby for a smooth labor.
  • Emotions about labor and birth.
  • Becoming a parent. This process begins before your baby’s birth. We can talk about your emotions, thoughts, and questions about parenthood.
  • What if we have a cesarean birth? What parts of your birth wishes can still happen. Usually, LOTS!
  • What type of support you imagine wanting from your doula during labor and birth. Don’t worry, I won’t get attached to these ideas.
  • The magical hour. Skin to skin time and what happens during the first hour after birth.
  • Nutrition and self care. How to be well fed, well rested, and calm leading up to birth.
  • Planning for life with baby.
  • Safe sleeping practices.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Baby’s micro-biome.
  • Plan for siblings during labor.
  • Welcoming an additional child into your family. Imagining ways to help siblings adjust. Incorporating ritual into their “birth as siblings.
  • Post-partum care. How to get enough rest once the baby is here. Your emotional landscape after birth. Information about local providers that specialize in helping with post-partum replenishment and rebuilding.
  • Managing visitors after birth.
  • Who’s in your village? Developing a resource web for post-partum support.