Grace is so warm and kind, and made us feel so comfortable working with her – she is great! She offered us some useful techniques to try during the end of pregnancy to help with discomfort and prepare my body and baby for birth. Baby wasn’t turned quite right, and she offered me tools and techniques to encourage him to turn, and gave me emotional support as well when I was stressed about it! This was our second birth, and second time using a doula (in CA before), and we love the support and guidance a doula can offer, and Grace was a good fit for us! She listened well to what we wanted and hoped for, helped us think through our birth plan and post-partum care, and was a great resource. She listened to the cd I had for my birthing technique (deep relaxation with Ann B.) and used the same words and techniques to incorporate what I’d been practicing on my own! I went into early labor right when she was going out of town, and she offered to come to the hospital and be with us until she had to leave for her flight! Luckily baby decided not to come then and we went home. She helped me decide to go to the hospital when it was time for baby to come, and that was really reassuring! My labor was very different than my first baby, and I had been having pro-dromal labor for several days, and then wasn’t sure what to do when I went to the midwife but didn’t feel like I was in active labor! Grace was at her other job, but was ready and able to leave immediately and meet us at the hospital. Birth was slow and long and hard, but she was there offering support and techniques the entire time! She never intruded, but always helped. She massaged, did pressure points, hip pushing, helped me decide what to do. Her voice and suggestions were always well timed and so encouraging. She helped me push through and have the birth experience I wanted! I’m so glad we chose to have Grace help us welcome our baby into this world; it would not have been the same without her!

Lexie Mullins