I am a single mother by choice. I adopted twins from the foster care system and when they were almost four years old, I decided that I wanted to experience pregnancy and birth with my third child. My sister was my support person, however I felt that I needed someone who would be able to advocate for me during labor and delivery, someone who knew the medical/hospital system and understand how to support me through labor. This is why I came to Grace. I interviewed a few other doulas but when I met Grace, I knew that she would be the best fit for me. She had a calm and centered energy and was inquisitive and knowledgeable. She met with me a number of times before my birth and my kids and dog loved her – always a good sign that I had chosen correctly!

During the labor, she came straight to the hospital when I called. She was able to remind me about everything I had forgotten when I was in the throes of labor. She supported me in trying out different methods and movements until I found what worked for me and my body. My favorite though was when someone came into to draw blood and was hassling me about moving around too much to get a good draw. Grace stepped in and reminded the woman that I was, in fact, trying to birth a baby and a little patience would be appreciated. She was such a great advocate when I was not able to voice things myself.
When my son Owen was born, she supported me throughout, updating me and encouraging me. After, when I was at home, she helped me with my struggles with breastfeeding and helped me find a very skilled lactation consultant. She came for visits and offered to support me in any way I needed. It was great to have someone there just for me!
Although three will be enough for me, if I was going to give birth to any more children, I would, without a doubt, hire Grace to be by my side as my doula!

Sarah Lusardi