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My name is Grace Nowakoski. I was born at home in Brattleboro, VT surrounded by family and friends. I was welcomed into the world by 10 people that day, and have loved big birthday parties ever since.

I was called to doula work in the summer of 2015. It was a summer in which my life and those of my friends were filled to the brim with the enormous diversity of life’s experiences. I found myself holding space for friends experiencing new beginnings, loss, grief, and profound joy, and intuitively knew that the time for me to embark on a career in birthwork had come.

In September of 2015 I completed Warm Welcome Birth Services’ Birth Doula Training and quickly launched my doula career, attending my first birth that October.

I spent much of my childhood imagining that I would become a midwife. It is a career that I knew could combine many of my passions and skills; an inborn knowledge of how to care for others, a passion for the healing power of plants, my fascination with the wondrous workings of the human body, and a lifelong love of babies.
For a long time life took me in other directions, but now through the non-medical roles a doula serves I’m able to experience birthwork directly and to discover if I want to become a midwife after all.


Six year Grace holds baby
I’ve always loved holding babies! Here I am at six years old with a sweet little one.

Music was my primary focus during my teens. I played oboe and sang throughout high school. Later, at Wesleyan University, my very sensitive body informed me that without plenty of attention, it wasn’t going to be very happy in college. So I chose dance as a major, deepening my understanding of the incredible abilities and subtleties of the human instrument, while giving my body plenty of focused attention.

While living in Portland, Oregon after college, I completed the Elderberry School‘s Herbalist Training Program, delving into the healing plants of the Pacific Northwest. Now reunited with the New England woods of my childhood, I am excited to reacquaint myself with the healing plants of our bioregion.

As a doula I am honored to be invited to hold space for each family’s unique journey. I offer prenatal visits tailored to your specific needs, and offer encouraging, compassionate care before, during and after labor, including postpartum doula services. I offer myself to your family with no agenda. I believe that each family has a different path in birth and beyond, and that my role is to support you to feel whole, safe, and held throughout your journey so that you can choose what is best for you.