And why you might want one at your birth.

A birth doula is a person who has been trained to support a birthing person (and their partner or birth companion) during the time leading up to and through birth. Doulas offer consistent physical, emotional and informational support during labor. We know techniques to improve comfort during labor, help encourage labor progress, and support the laboring person (and their partner or birth companion) through the wonders and challenges of the birth journey. We listen carefully to the needs of each family to provide you with personalized care.

Doulas recognize the broad range of normal in birth, we can offer reassurance during an often new and always unpredictable life passage. Some doulas offer continuing care during the postpartum period, and most offer a visit about one week after your birth to check-in. It is important to note that doulas do not offer medical advice or care.

The presence of a doula at a birth has been shown in studies to significantly improve outcomes for the whole family.


People who give birth with a doula:

  • have a decreased risk of a Cesarean. 
  • have an increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth. 
  • are less likely to request medicine for pain relief. 
  • are less likely to experience a loss of control in labor. 
  • express greater satisfaction with their partners after birth than those who birthed without a doula. 
  • are more likely to believe that their babies are special, easy, attractive and clever. 
  • are more likely to believe that they are the person most capable of caring for their baby.

A doula provides consistent care. This is especially helpful in hospital settings where medical staff may change shifts several times during your labor.

A doula can help a partner to be the best support person they can be. Doulas know birth, but your partner knows and loves you. A doula’s job is to support both of you in having a birth you can be happy about. Many partners find that having a doula maximizes their ability to connect with and support their birthing partner.

Your relationship with your doula starts before you go into labor and can continue after your baby is born. Doulas can provide helpful information and answer lots of questions in the weeks and days leading up to birth. We’re also there for you during the exciting and sometimes confusing time after your baby is born to help you with the transition into parenting your new child.