No-obligation preliminary meeting (up to 1 hr):
An opportunity to meet each other, for you to ask questions about me and doulas in general, and to see if I’m the right match for your family.

Brown-skinned Mama gazes at her newborn while wearing her baby in a stretchy wrap

1-3 additional prenatal visits (up to 2 hrs each, typically up to 4 hours total):
If we decide to work together I will meet with you 1 to 3 times before your birth. This is a great time to get to know each other better, for you to share your hopes, expectations, excitements and fears, and to ask lots of questions. I can help you access information specific to your unique situation. These visits are also opportunities to talk about your ideal vision for your birth, learn about comfort strategies for labor, and think about and plan for your postpartum time. I’m available for questions by email, phone or text starting at the time we decide to work together.

On Call from 38 weeks:
I am available to drop everything and offer my support when you are in labor. I typically offer intermittent support while you are in early labor and more continuous support when you are in active labor. I have a back-up doula for the very unlikely situation that I am unable to support you during your labor.

She followed my verbal and nonverbal cues with great finesse, knowing when to step in and offer suggestions/ideas, and when to step back.

– Deste R.

Labor and birth support:
My goal is to help you have the birth experience that is right for you. Labor is inherently unpredictable and every birthing person is different; your physical and emotional needs, your baby’s needs, and your birth wishes all contribute to your unique birth journey. What is right for you will become clear during labor and probably not before (though with thoughtful planning you can be prepared for whatever your path holds). I will support you along the way. This support can take many forms. I know techniques to improve comfort during labor, help encourage labor progress, and support both partners through the wonders and challenges of the birth journey. I can help you understand what is happening, offer physical and emotional support, give you verbal affirmations, and help keep your birthing space peaceful. During your birth I will be a calm presence, confident in your ability to birth your baby. I will support you until you and your family are comfortably settled–usually 1-3 hours after birth.

1 postpartum visit (up to 2 hours):
Within the first two weeks after your birth we will have a check-in visit. This visit can be an opportunity to talk about your birth experience, to admire your new baby together, and to get help accessing other support if you want it. Some families would like me to check in twice after their birth, and I am usually able to.

$950-$1500 sliding scale, paid in two installments. $600 when you hire me and return my contract, $350-$900 at 38 weeks. If you are able to pay the higher rate, please do. This is what allows me to offer a sliding scale.
I am happy to discuss flexible payment options including barter and payment plans if you are experiencing financial hardship, and offer significantly reduced fees to people who are Black, Indigenous, Latinx, or part of other marginalized groups.

Baby holding the pointer finger of her mother and gazing up at her (mother not pictured)