I can’t even begin to say how helpful Grace was for our birth process, especially during Covid. We weren’t able to meet her in person, but even through a screen she has an incredibly warm, caring presence. Grace helped us work through many of our fears and worries about the birth process, and I truly think that without her support we would not have been prepared to face the setbacks or difficulties we experienced.

She guided us through thinking for ourselves and talking to each other about the birth experience we wanted. When I had to be induced at 42 weeks, we were both very anxious about additional unwanted medical intervention. Grace helped us hold onto the parts of the process which we could keep as natural as possible. Throughout the three day labor, she checked in with us frequently, and once I was finally in active labor she stayed on a video call with me and talked me through each contraction. Knowing she was “there” with me let my wife get some much-needed sleep a few hours before our son was born.

We can’t say enough good things about Grace, and recommend her without reservation to anyone looking for a warm, thoughtful, calming presence as part of their birth experience.

Sarah Walden McGowan

In preparing to give birth for the first time, I knew that the labor of birth was going to be as much mental and emotional as it was physical. That was the reason my husband and I chose to hire a doula. Leading up to the birth, we got to know Grace very comfortably and we saw how gentle, calm and knowledgeable she was. She was a good listener and really got to know us as people and what was important to us. The night my labor started, Grace talked me through the early stages over the phone, then met us at the hospital right after we arrived at 1am. She was patiently by my side from then on, helping me find my own inner strength to have the birth I had hoped for. With her knowledge and experience of birth plus the friendship we had built, she advocated for me to the hospital staff and guided my husband to support me in all the right ways. When I met my first moment of doubt, telling her that I was too tired to go on and that I just wanted to sleep, her quiet confidence gave me perseverance in that pivotal moment. She said, “Margot, I think today is your baby’s birthday. You can sleep after he’s born!” An hour later, I met our son. Grace is gifted at this work, and I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

Margot Wise

Working with Grace during my pregnancy and birth of our son was such an amazing blessing-she is so knowledgeable, warm, and accepting. Like so many things in life, our path to having a child and the birth ended up to be very different from what we planned. We’d been advised by friends and family to be open and flexible, but also prepared…but what did this mean?? Grace guided us through the process to understand all the options and that there isn’t one ‘right’ way or ‘best’ choice. This was so wonderful throughout the pregnancy, especially at the end when we quickly needed to make unexpected decisions. We also really valued her philosophy of supporting us as a couple-this really helped my husband be the best support partner he could and feel connected during the birth. I have never felt more supported during any time in my life than during this birth. I feel eternally grateful and will cherish the experience forever.

Lisa Komoroske and Brian Cheng

Having Grace as a doula for the birth of both our sons was absolutely phenomenal. She was there to support both me and my partner during some of the most chaotic hours of our lives. I truly believe that it is because of Grace’s support, knowledge, and navigation through the medical system that I was able to have the healthy, natural, beautiful births I had hoped for. Her support before, during, and after birth has meant the world to my family. I can’t imagine going through a labor and delivery experience without her. -Sam

I couldn’t imagine being part of a birth without Grace. Her presence was calming, reassuring, and greatly helped my wife to have the birth she dreamed of…twice! -Andy

Sam Spisiak & Andrew Reagan

Grace is personable and knowledgeable; those are the two traits that drew me and my husband to hire her and enjoy working with her. When we interviewed Grace, we immediately felt comfortable in her presence; like she was an old friend. She was able to give me tips and information as a pregnant woman—in our very first interview—that I didn’t receive from other doulas we interviewed, which made me feel simultaneously empowered and at ease. Needless to say, our following meetings with Grace were informative and very helpful as we geared up to welcome our baby.


Deste R.

I am a single mother by choice. I adopted twins from the foster care system and when they were almost four years old, I decided that I wanted to experience pregnancy and birth with my third child. My sister was my support person, however I felt that I needed someone who would be able to advocate for me during labor and delivery, someone who knew the medical/hospital system and understand how to support me through labor. This is why I came to Grace. I interviewed a few other doulas but when I met Grace, I knew that she would be the best fit for me. She had a calm and centered energy and was inquisitive and knowledgeable. She met with me a number of times before my birth and my kids and dog loved her – always a good sign that I had chosen correctly!


Sarah Lusardi

Grace is so warm and kind, and made us feel so comfortable working with her – she is great! She offered us some useful techniques to try during the end of pregnancy to help with discomfort and prepare my body and baby for birth. (more…)

Lexie Mullins

I’m blessed to have met Grace during my second trimester. Not only was she an amazing doula with tons of knowledge, compassion & empathy, she became family. Grace was my support throughout the entire process & took time to ensure that I understood what the doctors were explaining to me.


Beverley Newkirk Clarke

We contacted Grace during our third trimester, I was unsure if I needed a doula because our other two births were about 7 hours and manageable. We’re we glad we found her, our third birth was nearly 24 hours and very difficult. She was our light! She reminded my husband to take care of himself so he could care for me, she stayed by my side and was there for me in ways I’m just so grateful for.
It was an unexpected labor and I’ll always have a place in my heart for Grace!
-Jonathan, Sarah, Lilly, Elliot and baby Quinn!

Sarah Dumas

Grace was made to be a doula. She is passionate about birth and babies, and loves to support birthing mothers. Her knowledge is extensive. She continually attends classes and workshops to learn new ways to support birthing mothers. (more…)

Katie K.