I am a single mother by choice. I adopted twins from the foster care system and when they were almost four years old, I decided that I wanted to experience pregnancy and birth with my third child. My sister was my support person, however I felt that I needed someone who would be able to advocate for me during labor and delivery, someone who knew the medical/hospital system and understand how to support me through labor. This is why I came to Grace. I interviewed a few other doulas but when I met Grace, I knew that she would be the best fit for me. She had a calm and centered energy and was inquisitive and knowledgeable. She met with me a number of times before my birth and my kids and dog loved her – always a good sign that I had chosen correctly! (more…)

Sarah Lusardi

Grace is so warm and kind, and made us feel so comfortable working with her – she is great! She offered us some useful techniques to try during the end of pregnancy to help with discomfort and prepare my body and baby for birth. (more…)

Lexie Mullins

I’m blessed to have met Grace during my second trimester. Not only was she an amazing doula with tons of knowledge, compassion & empathy, she became family. Grace was my support throughout the entire process & took time to ensure that I understood what the doctors were explaining to me. When I started having false labor she checked on me throughout the braxton hicks contractions & as soon as I went into active labor, before you knew it, Grace was there. I ended up having a C-Section with a myomectomy directly following the delivery of Ingrid & I remember hugging Grace as the doctors began the numbing procedure. Grace’s calm demeanor helped me through the entire process. Grace, thank you for all that you have done for Ingrid, Martin & I.

Beverley Newkirk Clarke

We contacted Grace during our third trimester, I was unsure if I needed a doula because our other two births were about 7 hours and manageable. We’re we glad we found her, our third birth was nearly 24 hours and very difficult. She was our light! She reminded my husband to take care of himself so he could care for me, she stayed by my side and was there for me in ways I’m just so grateful for.

It was an unexpected labor and I’ll always have a place in my heart for Grace!

Jonathan, Sarah, Lilly, Elliot and baby Quinn!

Sarah Dumas

Grace was made to be a doula. She is passionate about birth and babies, and loves to support birthing mothers. Her knowledge is extensive. She continually attends classes and workshops to learn new ways to support birthing mothers. (more…)

Katie K.

Grace joined us for the birth of our second child, whose birth was a successful VBAC. Though I had a healthy pregnancy, I also carried feelings of anxiety from the complicated birth of my first child. Grace’s calm and confident presence offered the support we were looking for. Throughout the pregnancy, she was organized, available, present, and pragmatic, offering emotional support as well as practical ways to help me prepare for and cope with labor. (more…)

Robin Wilson