Grace was made to be a doula. She is passionate about birth and babies, and loves to support birthing mothers. Her knowledge is extensive. She continually attends classes and workshops to learn new ways to support birthing mothers.

During my pregnancy and birth, she was a rich source of information, full of encouraging tips and tricks to help get my body ready for birth that I never would have known on my own (such as acupressure points, creative movement strategies and even laughing!), as well as podcasts, articles and research. While she was enthusiastic about giving advice, she shared it gently and without expectation, which allowed me to take what I found helpful.
Not a big researcher, I needed encouragement to trust myself and my body and believe I was capable of this daunting event. Grace listened and nurtured that instinct.

Post-birth, Grace was tuned in to the highly sensitive and vulnerable nature of the postpartum time and I never worried that I was offending her with my foggy, emotional self. She encouraged me to eat nutritious foods and drink water and constantly affirmed that I was doing a good job. She rubbed my shoulders and kept me company when I was struggling to pump and make milk for my baby – raw, lonely territory for me. When I struggled with breastfeeding I called her sobbing and questioned whether to give up. Grace was the kindest listener I could have asked for, reassuring me of her deep belief in me and trust that my baby was lucky to have me for a mom no matter what.

Grace brings deep respect for birth, highest regard for birthing mother and baby, and an always growing breadth of knowledge to her doula practice. What I value most is Grace’s underlying appreciation for pregnancy and birth and the sensitivity required to support a pregnant woman.

My time with Grace was always judgment free, which was so important to me as I had so much anxiety. I’m so happy that Grace is part of our long and happy birth story.

Katie K.