Grace joined us for the birth of our second child, whose birth was a successful VBAC. Though I had a healthy pregnancy, I also carried feelings of anxiety from the complicated birth of my first child. Grace’s calm and confident presence offered the support we were looking for. Throughout the pregnancy, she was organized, available, present, and pragmatic, offering emotional support as well as practical ways to help me prepare for and cope with labor. Some meetings were spent talking and sharing; others were spent practicing rebozo, acupressure points, and stretches. Grace was a wealth of resources. While she presented a menu of possible topics to cover, she continually followed our lead to provide the support we needed, always with honesty, genuine care, and good humor. During the birth, Grace’s steady presence was an absolute anchor for me and my partner. Taking her cues from me, she offered physical support by pressing on acupressure points during contractions and she also took care of practical details so that my partner and I could focus on the birth. Grace has a true gift for holding a sacred space, and we feel very fortunate to have been held by her.

Robin Wilson