Grace is personable and knowledgeable; those are the two traits that drew me and my husband to hire her and enjoy working with her. When we interviewed Grace, we immediately felt comfortable in her presence; like she was an old friend. She was able to give me tips and information as a pregnant woman—in our very first interview—that I didn’t receive from other doulas we interviewed, which made me feel simultaneously empowered and at ease. Needless to say, our following meetings with Grace were informative and very helpful as we geared up to welcome our baby.

During my long pre-labor, Grace was fully available in any capacity I wished, and we kept in close touch via text until contractions finally synced up and become regular (due in large part, no doubt, to a series of positions that Grace suggested to us to get said contractions more regular—a huge relief after two days of erratic contractions). She met us at the hospital just minutes after we arrived there and provided gentle, firm, confidence-boosting care and support throughout labor. She followed my verbal and nonverbal cues with great finesse, knowing when to step in and offer suggestions/ideas, and when to step back. She offered my husband great support and backup. She was a perfect liaison between us and our midwives/nurses and spoke up for me about our birth plan. During pushing, she was a great cheerleader. She took some pictures at my request and I will cherish those forever. After birth, she stayed until we were comfortably set up in our room and checked in with us a week later at home for a final meeting. 

Grace was a true gift to my husband, my daughter, and I during our pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone considering a doula. She has such a reassuring and calming presence, yet brings with her a font of technical knowledge applicable to your experience.

Deste R.