I can’t even begin to say how helpful Grace was for our birth process, especially during Covid. We weren’t able to meet her in person, but even through a screen she has an incredibly warm, caring presence. Grace helped us work through many of our fears and worries about the birth process, and I truly think that without her support we would not have been prepared to face the setbacks or difficulties we experienced.

She guided us through thinking for ourselves and talking to each other about the birth experience we wanted. When I had to be induced at 42 weeks, we were both very anxious about additional unwanted medical intervention. Grace helped us hold onto the parts of the process which we could keep as natural as possible. Throughout the three day labor, she checked in with us frequently, and once I was finally in active labor she stayed on a video call with me and talked me through each contraction. Knowing she was “there” with me let my wife get some much-needed sleep a few hours before our son was born.

We can’t say enough good things about Grace, and recommend her without reservation to anyone looking for a warm, thoughtful, calming presence as part of their birth experience.

Sarah Walden McGowan